Closer to the borderline…

Closer to the borderline…

Last night, or rather early this morning, I was once again rocked out of bed with my typical hypo sensation. I sat up in bed, preparing to get something to solve this problem. However, the ‘Betes had other ideas. As I sat there, the symptoms worsened. My head was foggy and I had no energy to make it to the kitchen. I needed to test and I needed to test right then! I am using the Center Health Nano system, I really like it, but it takes about 2 minutes to get a reading from start to finish. I didn’t have 2 minutes. Fortunately, I have an emergency meter for when I run out of strips (which I never do because Center knows when to send me more), or there is a problem with a meter. I think we all have emergency meters. Anyway, grabbed the meter and did the stick. 46mg/dl and dropping fast! Now my brain was in panic mode. No energy to get up or even make enough noise to waken my wife. Fortunately, I found a ¾ roll of Necco’s and quickly scarfed them down. Then I remembered I had brought a package of sandwich cookies in with me – purely by accident when I was cleaning up last night. Thankfully I made that mistake. No more sandwich cookies. 20 minutes later I am back in bed.

When I awoke this morning I knew my blood sugar would be high. It was 318mg/dl. This is just the rollercoaster ride of diabetes. But the thought that entered my mind was “I was so close to death.” 46 milligrams away to be precise. Had I not acknowledged the symptoms I would not be here today to make this post. I would have just been another tic in the “Dead in bed” statistic box. Given my current situation, unemployed, uninsured, I am not sure that that would have been such a bad thing. Now, I know what most of you are thinking, “But you have XYZ to live for, etc”. And you are right! But it would have been so easy to just not gotten up because it wouldn’t have been long before I was unconscious.

As I sit here trying to find a job, make ends meet and figure out how to dig out of a $500 overdraw in my bank account, I recognize that the stress is impacting my diabetes management. I don’t want to go back to being the person I was but it is really trying sometimes to manage this condition along with managing life at the same time. Not getting up to treat the low would have solved all the stress for me. Nonetheless, here I am, once again, doing the same old, same old.

I hope that I did not bring you down but I just needed to get this off my chest.

If you can’t be good at least be good to someone!


Tim a.k.a DiabetesDude

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